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TCA's Fleet Safety Award Division Winners Announced

Eighteen Trucking Companies Lauded for Outstanding Safety

Alexandria, Virginia:

The Truckload Carriers Association and the truckload industry are dedicated to improving the safety of all fleets and our nation's highways. The National Fleet Safety Awards recognize those companies who show a commitment to safety and accident reduction.

The National Fleet Safety Division Awards are determined by accident frequency per million miles driven in each of six mileage divisions (listed below). The top three division winners were selected and have been audited by an independent expert to verify their accident frequency numbers. Accident ratios per million miles for all division winners ranged from zero to .43, while the truckload segment of the industry averaged .54 accidents per million miles traveled.

From the division winners two grand prize winners are selected, one in the under 25 million mile category and one in the over 25 million mile category. To win the grand prize, companies are judged on their overall safety programs, both on and off-highway including employee driver/independent contractor selection procedures, training, supervision, accident investigation, inspection and maintenance of equipment, and outside activities including general highway safety. The 2 grand prize winning companies will be announced on March 13, 2007 at the TCA annual convention at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The top divisional winners based on low accident frequency per million miles are:

Division I Winners (Under 5 million miles)

1st Place
Specialty Transport, Inc.
Knoxville, TN

2nd Place
Rochester Cartage, Inc.
Rochester, MN

3rd Place
Art Pape Transfer, Inc.
Dubuque, IA

Division II Winners (5-14.99 million miles)

1st Place
FTC Transportation, Inc.
Core Carrier for Feed The Children, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK

2nd Place
Regal Service Company
Ripley, NY

3rd Place
H.O. Bouchard, Inc.
Hampden, ME

Division III Winners (15-24.99 million miles)

1st Place
Cox Transportation Services, Inc.
Ashland, VA

2nd Place
Don Hummer Trucking
Oxford, IA

3rd Place
Convoy Systems, LLC
Kansas City, MO

Division IV Winners (25-49.99 million miles)

1st Place
Landstar Express America, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

2nd Place
MacKinnon Transport, Inc.
Guelph, ON

3rd Place
Interactive Logistics, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ

Division V Winners (50-99.99 million miles)

1st Place
Groupe Robert, Inc.
Bouchervile, PQ

2nd Place
Koch Companies, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

3rd Place
Ozark Motor Lines, Inc.
Memphis, TN

Division VI Winners (Over 100 Million Miles)

1st Place
Bison Transport, Inc.
Winnipeg, MB

2nd Place
Mercer Transportation Co.
Louisville, KY

3rd Place
Roehl Transport, Inc.
Marshfield, WI