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TCA to Select 2010 Highway Angel of the Year

Winner will be honored at uDrove® Humanitarian Bowl

Alexandria, Virginia:

Members of the Communications & Image Policy Committee of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) will have a difficult task during their meeting this Saturday, October 16: selecting one of this year’s Highway Angels to be honored as the “2010 Highway Angel of the Year.”

The Highway Angel program recognizes professional truck drivers for the kindness, courtesy, and courage they show others while on the job. TCA receives a steady flow of nominations throughout the year, submitted by trucking companies, families, friends, police, and even the people who were helped by truck drivers.

Sometimes the nominations tell a dramatic story, such as the time a driver came across a man inside a crushed car, trapped on all sides, but still alive. Clearing some heavy debris off the vehicle, the driver managed to extract the 300-pound man and push him up a hill to safety, just seconds before the car burst into flames. Other nominations may not involve heroism, but are equally important to the person who is helped (for example, fixing a flat tire for an elderly person). Regardless of the type of assistance he or she provides, a driver recognized as a Highway Angel receives a certificate, clothing patch, and lapel pin. TCA also publicizes the driver’s story to generate positive publicity for the trucking industry.

When the committee meets this weekend in conjunction with the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition in Phoenix, Ariz., it will sort through the stories of the Highway Angels named in 2010 to select the Highway Angel of the Year. He or she will be the third to represent the program at the uDrove® Humanitarian Bowl (formerly known as Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl), scheduled for December 18, 2010, at Boise State University’s Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho.

“It will be a highlight of my year as TCA chairman to stand before a crowd of 34,000 — plus millions of viewers watching on television from home — and present our 2010 Highway Angel of the Year with a trophy,” said John Kaburick, president of Earl L. Henderson Trucking Company, Salem, Illinois. “But I don’t envy the committee members who have to pick the winner. There are many Highway Angels, so it will be a difficult task.”

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