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TCA Collaborates with Internet Truckstop and Big Truck TV to Offer Truckload-Specific Economic Webcasts to TCA Members

New member benefit begins today

Alexandria, Virginia:

The Truckload Carriers Association is collaborating with Internet Truckstop and Big Truck TV to offer TCA members a useful, new resource: a twice monthly webcast highlighting truckload-specific economic and industry data.

"We’re very pleased to be able to offer The Industry Economic Update to our membership. It’s an innovative way for truckload carriers to learn about the trends that are affecting the truckload industry right now and into the future,” said Chris Burruss, TCA’s president.

Aimed at the senior leadership of TCA-member companies, the Update appears on,, and and can be accessed 24/7. The webcasts feature a “news anchor,” who presents data that Internet Truckstop has culled through for relevancy to truckload carriers. Big Truck TV is the content expert and distribution facilitator for the online show. Together, the two companies have produced a series that is highly relevant to North American trucking audiences and paints an extremely accurate picture of the health of the industry and the stats driving the economics in trucking.

Although the information presented in each Update will vary, statistics from the Tran4Cast Market Demand Index (MDI) report are frequently highlighted. Updates will also discuss other key metrics like equipment rates, fuel prices, load availability, truck availability, and trends in the length of time it takes for brokers and shippers to pay.

“The economic uncertainty everyone is experiencing right now has brought us to difficult times. Company owners will appreciate having a resource that provides insight into what to expect in coming months,” said Leigh Foxall, director of freight matching for Internet Truckstop.

She continued, “There is simply no other online video webcast like this available. Big Truck TV has crafted a dynamic production that emulates the quality one sees on Bloomberg and/or Reuters — this is a must see for anyone with a vested interest in trucking.”

As a part of each video webcast, an industry expert or economist will present what he or she sees as a current trend or a “hot” topic. TCA will provide some of the experts to be interviewed, starting today with Chris Burruss. During the week of September 2, TCA Chairman Robert Low, the president and founder of Prime, Inc., is scheduled to appear.

“TCA is the preeminent trucking fleet association in the industry, offering a wealth of resources and a platform for executives and managers to discuss ideas and raise critical issues,” said Michael Carpentier, CEO of Big Truck TV. “We are very happy to have the organization not only distribute the Industry Economic Update, but also take an active role in contributing to the content development through interviews and expert advice on the industry.”