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inGauge™ by TCA Wants Users to Take Action!

Based on subscriber feedback, inGauge will be launching the following features to the online benchmarking service in November:

Action Item Accountability — allow users the ability to assign specific action items/tasks to a registered inGauge sub-user. Action items, as defined by inGauge, are tasks, projects or steps which should a positive impact on a company's performance on a specific inGauge metric.

Action Item Deadlines — allow users the ability to set a specific deadline for action items/tasks. 

Best Practices Action Items — allow users to source general (non-confidential) action items from other inGauge subscribers. This feature will be the first in a series of qualitative benchmarking features planned for development in the next six months.

inGauge expects to add new metrics to this tool in the coming months. Anyone wanting to try it out, can go to . For more information, please contact inGauge's Chris Henry.

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