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inGaugeā„¢ Benchmarking Turns to Crowd-sourcing to Improve Knowledge Sharing

Beginning November 18, subscribers to the inGauge Online Benchmarking Service will be able to test out a new qualitative Best Practices feature. 

Utilizing it's existing Action Item tool, a feature that allows user to set specific tasks and projects to improve on a specific metric, the new feature will allow users to select from other non-confidential Action Items created by fellow subscribers. 

With the tool, each time a subscriber inputs an Action Item, they are able to designate the Action Item as 'Confidential' or 'General'. By classifying it as General, the service adds the Action Item to a database of metric-specific Action Items for others to select from. For each metric. the Action Items will be sorted based on popularity. 

This is the first attempt by inGauge at combining Qualitative Benchmarking and Crowd-sourcing, while maintaining strict anonymity among subscribers.

For more information, or to book a demo, please contact Chris Henry.