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TCA's inGauge™ Launches New Action Item Sharing

After three months of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new feature for the inGauge™ platform - Action Item Sharing. We have now split Goal Tracking, and Action Items into two separate sections (both available under "Manage Data Points"):

Action Items

The team at inGauge™ defines Action Items as those "projects and tasks which should conceivably have a positive impact on the performance of a specific metric". For each listed metric, you have the ability to add in three active Action Items. The new version of this tool provides the following:

Ability to set a specific deadline for each Action Item

Ability to assign responsibility for the Action Item to a specific sub-user

Designate the Action Item as either Private (default) or General

If designated as General, the Action Item automatically enters a 'pool' of other Action Items entered by inGauge™ subscribers specific to that metric. The list of general Action Items are sorted based on popularity (the # of other subscribers using or have used  that specific action item). In order to choose a general Action Item, simply select the 'down arrow' below the Action Item text box. We believe this will allow subscribers to participate in Qualitative Benchmarking as opposed to simply Quantitative Benchmarking

Your current action items will be displayed on the Internal Dashboard when you hover over each gauge (with the ability to click on each to retrieve details)

Approximately 140 Action Items will be added to the database throughout the day today (plus any others that you choose to add)

We encourage all inGauge™ subscribers to utilize this tool and share specific tasks and projects that are having a positive impact on performance.

Goal Tracking

The Goal Tracking feature is now listed separately under 'Manage Data Points'. We have added in a new column which displays your current (most recent data collected) six-month rolling average, in addition to your six-month rolling average as displayed on the External Dashboard (90 day lag). Please note, we encourage you to set numeric goals for all of your metrics, as these drive the Internal Benchmarking Dashboard

Metric Auditing

We have begun a new auditing process for each metric. Currently we working on the metric "Debt to Shareholder Equity", we are currently making corrections to the formula and output for this metric. For those who haven't entered data for this particular metric, we encourage you to do so.

Data Survey

As noted in my last email, we have added some new data points to our monthly survey. These are highlighted in yellow in the attached document. Special attention should be given to Purchased Transportation. This new data point was formerly named Personnel Expense - OO (% of Revenue). Going forward, for this line item, we ask that you enter total compensation paid to your Owner Operators (and other Third Parties), not including FSC. This new data point will drive a new metric named Purchased Transportation (% of Revenue), which will compare this line item to Linehaul Revenue + Accessorial Revenue specific to your Owner Operator fleet.

For more information, or to find out how you can get started, contact inGauge™'s Chris Henry