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TCA's inGauge™ Launches Best Practice Group Dashboard

Alexandria, Virginia:

After almost four months of development, testing and bug fixing, TCA's inGauge is excited to announce that it's launching the Best Practice Group Dashboard. 

This dashboard, built under the guidance of Jack Porter of Decisive, allows existing Best Practice Group members to interact with their specific group data visually. 

If you are a BPG member, when you log in on the morning of April 18, you will see a new link at the top for this dashboard. Within this new area, you will have the ability to view your results for a specific month (December is now live), as well as your results for via rolling 12 month line graphs. 

Each of these two views, allow users to 'filter out' fellow group companies from the displayed results. Keep in mind, this new tool is in 'Beta' mode, so if you encounter any weird behavior, please report to us. If you would like to know more, please email Chris Henry.