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Compare and Benchmark CSA BASICs Scores with TCA’s inGauge™

Alexandria, Virginia:

inGauge™  users can now view their CSA BASICs scores, and benchmark these scores with your chosen peer group, via the External and Internal Dashboards. This feature also allows us the ability to build correlation metrics, as well as the discrete results for each of the five public scores. Our RESTful API polls the FMCSA database once per month for each of our registered users. Since we are only able to retrieve the previous month results, we will be slowly building our database of scores for each user over time. 

As a reminder, inGauge™  is entirely anonymous, including your BASICs scores. We have manually added your DOT # to our database to facilitate this process. Next time you login, go to your subscriber profile to ensure that we have saved the correct # for your operating company. 

For more information about how your company can get started today, contact Chris Henry with inGauge™ or visit the TCA inGauge™ website.