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TCA inGauge™ Launches Version 1.6

Over the past two months, we have been working diligently on many new features and improvements to TCA inGauge™. As a result, we are pleased to launch Version 1.6! When you log in, you will notice the following:

  • Dashboard Loading Speed — As a result of server caching techniques, the loading times for each dashboard has improved by over 90%. Depending on your internet connection, all dashboards should load in under three seconds (which exceeds are original goal of four seconds).
  • Action Items (stage 1) — In order to increase awareness and usage of the Action Items feature, we have added an interface directly to the dashboards, which allows primary users to add/edit action items below each linked metric. Further primary users are able assign an action item to a specific sub user, and set a deadline. In the upcoming months, we will be introducing numerous improvements/changes to Action Items to make the process more collaborative among all users. 
  • Goal Tracking — Similar to the new interface for Action Items, we have added a simple interface below each linked metric on the Internal Dashboard to allow primary users to add/edit numeric goals. In the next two weeks, we will be adding a line chart (similar to external dashboard) to visualize your performance (over multiple intervals) versus your goal(s). Further, you will soon have the option of setting goals for each fiscal month. 
  • New Navigation Toolbar — We have eliminated the bulky navigation toolbar at the top of the screen, in favor of a smaller, and more intuitive navigation toolbar. In the coming months, the menu area (blue area on left hand side) will be eliminated entirely, and replaced with a more functional toolbar, that will improve functionality on all devices.
  • Value Formatting — You will now notice we have added comma separation for 'thousandths' on all displayed values. Further, all currency related metrics now display '$' in front of them. 
  • BPG Bar Chart — We have changed the color for the logged-in user from red to yellow.

For more information, contact TCA inGauge™ Program Manager, Chris Henry