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inGauge™ Evolving into Strategic Management Tool

Based on feedback from active inGauge™ users, the inGauge™  team recently released their roadmap for the future of TCA’s online benchmarking efforts. The common message from users is that more tools are required to turn valuable market, and their own historical data and metrics, into action. As such, the following items provide a glimpse of the new features/tools to be available within inGauge™  over the course of the next six to eight months:

1) Action Items - Version 2 – With an initial beta launch of October 31st, inGauge™ will be introducing a brand new version of Action Items tool. This new version will provide users with a new dedicated page for managing and assigning Action Items (both linked to metrics and unlinked), and most notably a messaging/notification feature that will keep users abreast of progress and changes to each Action Item status.

2) Leading Indicators - Version 2 - The new version of the Leading Indicators dashboard is the most complex task inGauge™  has ever initiated. However, TCA expects this feature to be the most-used tool in the platform. Leading Indicators will be a custom (and simple) Business Intelligence tool that will enable users to design their own custom data surveys and metrics.

3) Multi Company Management - In early 2017, inGauge™  we will be introducing the ability to access multiple company profiles via one set of credentials. This ability, subject to the permissions set by the primary user, will be extended to sub-users. Further, companies with multiple profiles will be able to benchmark the performance of these distinct profiles over custom time periods using both the anonymous (External Dashboard), as well as a new non-anonymous dashboard.

4) Currency - Although many of the inGauge™  metrics are considered 'currency neutral' there are a growing number of metrics which are impacted by the disparity between the US and Canadian dollar. As such, in 2017, inGauge™  will be introducing a new tool that will enable users to convert Financial metrics to a common currency at their discretion. 

5) Best Practice Group Tools – Based on popular demand, inGauge™  will be introducing a web-based version of the current detailed composite they receive each month. This new version will enable users to customize the display based on their metric preferences, and also conduct on-demand ‘What If’ analysis based on a number of inputs, including personnel count, truck count, revenue, and fuel expense.

For more information on inGauge™, please contact Chris Henry at 888-504-6428, or via email.