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New Metrics Added to inGauge™

Based on user request, the inGauge™ team has either added, or will be adding the following metrics for benchmarking purposes:

Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIR) (Currently Testing) — This is one of the most common measures of safe workplaces. Components of this metric (which will be added to the data survey) are: 1) Medical Treatment Count 2) Restricted Work Injury Count 3) Lost Time Injury 4) Fatality Count 5) Employee Hours Worked Count

Accident Rate per Million Miles (Now Live) — A common industry metric which has been requested by over twenty users. Components of this metric are: 1) # of DOT Recordable Accidents 2) Miles Driven During Pas Twelve Months. The definition of a 'DOT Recordable Accident' will be included in the data survey description column.

Modified Accident Rate per Million Miles (Coming Soon) — based on feedback from users and David Heller (TCA's VP of Government Affairs), we will be launching a new metric that will allow interested users the ability to insoldate non-preventable from the preventable (such as animal strikes, legally and properly parked etc)

CO2 Kg per KM (Now Live) — based on the specs provided by the Smartway program, if you are reporting your miles and and fuel consumption (gallons), this new metric does the math so you can track and report.

Top 5 Customers (Coming Soon) — This measurement will allow you to quantify and track the revenue associated with your Top 5 Shippers versus your overall revenue (Linehaul + Accessorial, no Fuel Surcharge).

For more information, or to learn how you can become involved, contact inGauge™ Program Manager Chris Henry