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New Best Practice Group Making Strides

UPDATE:  The founding members of the TC-04 group are AT Transportation, Big G Express, Inc., Convoy Systems LLC, Danny Herman Trucking, Inc., Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. and R.C. Moore, Inc.  

The initial carrier profiles for the new dry van group (now called TC-04) have been approved. This group will start with six member companies (listed above), but is expected to grow to 12 within the next six months. Members will be receiving more details shortly on next steps from TCA.

Here is our progress on the other two proposed groups:
  • Flatbed group - 8 prospective group members, 4 carrier profiles completed, 3 on inGauge™ QuickStart Program (one more profile expected this week)
  • Refrigerated group - 11 prospective group members, 5 carrier profiles completed, 3 on inGauge™ QuickStart Program
*A minimum of five carriers are required to form a group - subject to Antitrust Safeguards.

If you're interested in getting involved in a new group, these are the critical steps:
  • First, complete your carrier profile using these instructions, then email completed profile to TCA's Sean Townsend
  • Get started with inGauge™, using the QuickStart Program. View data required for QuickStart here. Simply reply to this email to get started!
COMING SOON: The ability to check the status of your carrier profile and group selection, online!

For more information about how you can get involved with TCA's bencmarking programs, contact Chris Henry.