Operational efficiency, industry awareness, public policy, recruitment and retention - common issues for an uncommon industry. The challenges faced by truckload demand solutions developed from a unique perspective...yours. TCA makes that happen.
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Call for Presenters

Can you offer solutions to the challenges facing today’s trucking industry? The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is looking for industry professionals and subject matter experts to share their experiences and expertise through its Truckload Academy. TCA is also looking for presenters specializing in business, work force management, workplace management, finance, and other disciplines pertinent to the trucking industry.

Truckload Academy Webinars

Webinars are 90-minute online educational programs that cover a wide range of topics and issues—sales, business development, recruiting, employment law, and operations—pertinent to the trucking industry. Attendees participate by listening to the presenter through a conference line and watching an interactive PowerPoint presentation on the Web. Webinars average 50 sites with an average of four people per site.

Deadline for Submissions:

Webinar submissions are accepted throughout the year for programs that will take place in the next two-six months.

To submit a proposal login using your TCA username and password and press “Continue with login,” or if you don’t know your TCA credentials or do not have a username and password, select “Continue.”

If you are returning to finish an application, please log in below with your credentials. If this is your first submission, please hit "Continue" without logging in.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Ron Goode, TCA's director of education.

TCA reserves the right to edit program titles and descriptions, request changes to the proposed program, encourage joint presentations of proposals submitted on similar topics, and proof biographies.