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Is Your Value Bias the Elephant in the Room? 

The Correlation Between Value and Growth

Truckload Academy Live Learning Webinar Description

Seeing Machines

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Thursday, May 17, 2018        
1:00-2:00 PM EDT
Topics: Leadership, Operations, Recruitment and Retention  
Level: All
Type: Live Learning Webinar

This webinar provides 1 CE credit toward the Truckload Academy Human Resources Certificate (HR-OP) or Recruitment Certificate (REC-DR or REC-WR) or Retention Certificate (RET-IDR or RET-EE) and re-certification of the Certified Fleet Manager (CFM) designation.    



There are two necessary ways to have a value-based company: 1. Create value for clients 2. Create a company that uses its values. With a case study about integrating acquisitions, we will look at how communication and awareness can uncover the elephants in your conference room that prevent you from fully utilizing the skills, talent, and passion of your people. 

Using her personal experience with acquisition with one of her businesses, our speaker will cover integrating acquisitions into a larger business, the importance of communication on both sides, and the time required to integrate values. This includes critical decision-making processes in the heat of challenges that may arise. She will also share how a value-based approach can impact your relationship with your driving and non-driving employees so that you can find and keep the best talent.

This interactive program will provide opportunities for you to ask questions.

Who should participate?

Owners, Presidents, CFOs, COOs; Vice Presidents; Fleet, Driver, Sales, Marketing and Operations Managers and Directors; Dispatchers; Human Resources Personnel; Recruiters 


  • Jess Dewell, CEO, Red Direction

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This webinar is provided at no cost to TCA Members. Members will also receive the webinar recording, without charge, uploaded to their Truckload Academy On-demand accounts, after the event. 

Red Direction provides guidance, accountability, and consulting services when you need it (i.e., executing, building strategies, and skills training) that enable your team to reach its sales and growth goals – all while providing service and value as defined in the company’s mission and vision.

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Non-members pay $219 for the live event alone or $328 for the live event plus the recording.

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