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Dave Nemo Show

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Recent and Upcoming Segments

Wednesday, April 6: TCA's Ron Goode will be joined by legal counsel from King & Ballow to share new workplace regulations and the issues they could create for the industry. An informative webinar was held April 28. It will be shared on Truckload Academy On-Demand in the near future, here.

Wednesday, April 20:  TCA's Highway Angel Spokesperson, Lindsay Lawler, talked about the upcoming Truck Stop Tour and where she'll be next.

Wednesday, May 4: The TCA Scholarship Fund opened its scholarship application April 18. Listen in as a Scholarship Fund Trustee goes over FAQs and shares how TCA member companies can take advantage of this opportunity. Visit here for more information about the scholarship process.   

Wednesday, May 18:  Randall-Reilly's Brad Holthaus, 2015 Company Driver of the Year, Big G Express, Inc.'s Danny Smith, as well as 2015 Owner Operator of the Year, Bison Transport's Mark Tricco, join Dave to talk all things Driver of the Year contest. 

Wednesday, June 1:  TCA's Director of Safety & Policy, David Heller, gives a regulatory roundup.

Wednesday, June 15:  TCA Wellness is the topic of this show. Rolling Strong's Bob Perry and TCA's Vice President of Development, Debbie Sparks, gives background information about the program, how it caters to carriers and drivers, and listeners will also hear a professional truck driver's success story.

Wednesday, July 13:  TCA's Director of Safety & Policy, David Heller, talks regulatory and safety as well as will be taking calls from listeners.

Wednesday, August 10:  Rolling Strong's Bob Perry and Covenant Transport professional truck driver Timothy Bartholomew, will talk all things TCA Wellness. Listen in as Tim shares his weight loss journey and how he continues to stay fit on the road. 

Wednesday, September 14: HOUR long show! TCA's David Heller, returns to the show to talk crash accountability, speed limiters, as well as take calls from listeners. 

Wednesday, October 12:  Rolling Strong's Sean Mohr and Covenant Transport professional truck driver Levi Shelley, will talk all things TCA Wellness. Listen in as Levi shares how he went from a US Army soldier, to becoming a truck driver, and gaining 100 lbs. He'll share what motivated him, and how he's keeping the weight off, for good.

Wednesday, November 16: The election may have cleared but we, as an industry, still have work to do when it comes to the Obama administration’s lame duck regulatory initiatives. ELDs, Speed Limiters, Hair Testing for Drugs and Alcohol as well as a National Clearinghouse remain issues that our industry must continue to try and work through. Listen in as TCA’s David Heller discusses the status of these pending regulations so that our industry can remain informed on these relevant issues.  

Wednesday, December 14:  Rolling Strong's Bob Perry and Covenant Transport's professional truck driver Iva Gales, will talk all things TCA Wellness. Iva failed a portion of her agility testing during the orientation process due to her weight and height. She knew something had to be done. Now, with her newfound confidence, Iva spreads encouragement to other women drivers out on the road and shares her tips for how to get started on a healthier path.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017:  TCA's Vice President of Government Affairs, David Heller, gives insight into Congress - the House and Senate - and the pressing issues they face from the trucking industry and what you need to know for 2017.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017: TCA Wellness, powered by Rolling Strong, will be the topic of this week's show! Covenant Transport professional truck driver Mark Wedgeworth will talk first-hand about the daunting effects of weight gain, sleep apnea and goals that every driver can achieve. Rolling Strong's Bob Perry will talk about how TCA Wellness helps drivers like Mark live a healthier life while on the road.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017:  TCA's Vice President of Government Affairs, David Heller, talks detention time. "The time for reports and white papers are over. We need action," he says.

Friday, March 17, 2017:  TCA's incoming Chairman, Bison Transport's Rob Penner, and TCA's outgoing Chairman, FFE Holdings' Russell Stubbs, will talk chairmanship, the direction of TCA, and are also set to share what attendees can expect from this year's Annual Convention in Nashville.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017:  It's Wellness Wednesday! Bob Perry with TCA Wellness, powered by Rolling Strong, and professional truck driver Dustin Herrera, talk sedentary lifestyle and what he did to overcome his weight-loss struggles. Tune in for insight and tips!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017:  We're deciding between TCA's David Heller or having a spotlight show for TCA's second annual event, WorkForce Builders Conference, happening June 12-14 in Riverside, Missouri. Learn more about the event, or register! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017:  TCA's David Heller will talk hours of service sleeper berth flexibility study and segue into detention time. With the ELDs set to hit our industry full bore in December, we will experience a data explosion like we have never seen

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