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Economic Regulations

Transportation is so essential to the basic economy of the nation and so imbued with the public interest that it should be regulated by the government. Economic regulation provides the shipping public with excellent motor carrier service at reasonable rates and without unjust discrimination preference or prejudice between persons or places.

A.  Federal

TCA opposes any legislative proposal seeking to further deregulate it in conflict with this policy.

Concomitant to sound federal economic regulation are the following points:

  • Support of operating requirements based on safety fitness and financial responsibility for all carriers;
  • Regulation of motor carrier acquisitions and mergers by the Interstate Commerce Commission;
  • Conditions placed on all rail acquisitions of motor carriers which should require the acquiring rail carrier to offer intermodal service to independent motor carriers at rates and terms equal to those which it offers to motor carriers owned, controlled or affiliated with it;
  • Support of tariff filing requirements for motor common carriers, but not motor contract carriers;
  • Support of a uniform system of limited liability for motor common carriers; and legislative or administrative action enacting rules of conduct of property brokers to prevent broker abuses.

Amended June 22, 1994

B.  State

Maintaining state regulation affords shipper protection and assures transportation service is adequate to meet the full needs of intrastate commerce economically and efficiently. TCA opposes federal legislation which would preempt the right of states to determine what regulation should be involved for intrastate motor carriers.

TCA does not believe it should become actively involved in this issue at the state level and recommends that each state review its economic regulation of trucking and determine if changes -- less, more or different regulation -- are necessary in the public interest.

TCA recognizes that states have a legitimate interest in maintaining safety and insurance information. TCA will work with states to place safety and insurance regulations in appropriate state agencies. Additional insurance and safety indicia are unnecessary. Existing documents associated with the issuance of license plates can be used for this purpose.

Adopted February 10, 1991
Amended June 22, 1994