Operational efficiency, industry awareness, public policy, recruitment and retention - common issues for an uncommon industry. The challenges faced by truckload demand solutions developed from a unique perspective...yours. TCA makes that happen.

Education & Certification

Logo: Truckload Academy TCA is dedicated to furthering the education and training of its members. Please review the following pages for details on our educational and training programs available.

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Icon: On-demand logoTruckload Academy On-demand:

Learn on your time and at your convenience through Truckload Academy's new training platform. Choose from among a variety of recorded sessions from conferences, workshops, and webinars. Conference session and various topics can be purchased in packages to make on-demand training more affordable. Event recordings are typically made available within a month following an event.

Icon: Live Learning logoTruckload Academy Live Learning:

Participate in Truckload Academy's interactive webinars. These online sessions reduce the cost of training by eliminating travel costs, while giving you live access to top trainers in the industry.

Icon: Certificates logoTruckload Academy Certificates:

Enhance your career through the Truckload Academy Highly Effective Fleet Manager Certificate.



Icon: Certifications logoTruckload Academy Certifications:

Human trafficking, a term for modern-day slavery, is a $32-billion worldwide industry with more than 27 million people enslaved. Truckload Academy, in partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking, offers this certification to bring greater awareness to this atrocity.



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