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Hours of Service

Highway safety is of the utmost importance to TCA. TCA supports hours of service regulations that are practical and effective and that promote operational flexibility. Motor carriers must not be subject to citations or penalties for violations of hours of service requirements that result from activities over which they have no control.

In addition, any DOT rulemaking proposal on hours of service should address the following facets of hours of service:

  • 24-hour cycle
  • 10 hours off (allow split sleeper berths)
  • 14 hours on-duty
  • No distinction between on duty-driving & on duty-not driving
  • Cumulative 70 hours on-duty in eight days, with a restart
  • 36-hour restart provision (allows two sleep cycles)
  • Oppose requiring driver pay by the hour
  • Address waiting time; loading & unloading; driver load & count

Amended October 25, 1998
Amended March 17, 1999
Amended February 28, 2010