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Losses from pilferage, theft, and hijacking of cargo shipped by truck in interstate commerce continue to be substantial.  Cargo theft losses have a severe economic impact on the trucking industry, the shipping public, small businessmen, and consumers.

Means for reducing and controlling losses from pilferage, theft, and hijacking of cargo in the trucking industry should be developed and maintained.

Department of Defense

TCA is highly concerned over the security of shipments for the Department of Defense of sensitive items. However, if DOD believes a load requires armed security, the government should be responsible for providing:

  • Security personnel.
  • Required arms.
  • Indemnification of motor carriers for all liabilities resulting from incidents involving said security personnel or use of arms by motor carrier employees.

Adopted February 10, 1991


Motor carrier security personnel should be provided with detailed instructions on how to establish, implement, and maintain an effective motor carrier security program.


Motor carriers are the victims and not the perpetrators of cargo and vehicle theft. No punitive measures should be taken or civil penalties assessed against motor carriers.

It is the responsibility of both local and federal officials to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of motor carrier cargo and vehicle thefts.

State and local law enforcement officials should continue to share concurrent jurisdiction with federal officials in cases involving theft of cargo from interstate shipments. Local officials should not defer their responsibility to the FBI or other federal agencies. Both local and federal officials should actively pursue and prosecute perpetrators of motor carrier cargo and vehicle thefts through the criminal justice system.

While individual thefts of cargo can be of relatively low dollar value, cumulative amounts are substantial. State, local, or federal involvement in cases concerning theft from interstate shipments should not depend on a dollar value threshold for investigation and prosecution.