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Safety 411

Photo:  Dave HellerPublished every month in Fleet Owner, Safety 411 is a timely and informative commentary on safety and security issues by David Heller, CDS, TCA’s Vice President of Government Affairs.
  • Another Detention Study

    The trucking industry is bombarded with reports. TCA’s David Heller asks in this month’s Safety 411 article, isn’t it time for action?

  • Is it a Deep Freeze?

    This time of the year always seems to accompany uncertainty and unpredictability when it comes to weather. All of that uncertainty and unpredictability seems to accompany what has recently come out of the White House and its regulatory freeze and rollback initiatives. 

  • Exempt me, please
    IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR. We all dread it, but it is one of the few things in life that is guaranteed—and that is death and taxes. There was a time when it seemed exemptions existed for tax purposes. In our industry, though, they seem to run rampant when it comes to being exempted from certain regulations that relate to driving or even more specifically, hours of service (HOS).

  • Sensible Regulation

    Yes, we have a rule regarding a drug and alcohol clearinghouse. We as an industry waited on this with baited breath; unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit longer.  

  • In Search of Answers

    We are seeing this happen before our very eyes, that is, real occurrences of what we all believed would happen in the future. And it is clearly happening in the now and no doubt will occur many more times in the years, months, and probably even weeks ahead. 

  • Paying the Bills

    Touted as one of the few issues that the presidential candidates in our recent election seem to have agreed upon, our nation’s infrastructure investment has dropped to 28th in the world. In other words, with the election behind us, surely we can now agree to the fact that we, as a nation, need to fix our infrastructure, right? Not so fast, since we cannot even get behind a mechanism to pay for it.

  • Hair Today, Safer Tomorrow

    It just occurred to me as I begin writing this month’s column that I have never really addressed the issue of hair testing for drugs in our fleets across the country. Sure, carriers are traveling down the road of alternative compliance and I have even written about that, but nothing relating specifically to hair testing.

  • Time Stands Still

    I was thinking of how much fun it would be to regale you with new and exciting mandates and regulations that would have a positive impact on the trucking industry and your daily operations in the new year.