Operational efficiency, industry awareness, public policy, recruitment and retention - common issues for an uncommon industry. The challenges faced by truckload demand solutions developed from a unique perspective...yours. TCA makes that happen.
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Who is TCA

TCA's Mission
To create success for the truckload industry and the communities it serves.

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has for the last 77 years dedicated itself to representing the interests of truckload carriers. TCA is proud to be a member-driven organization, providing benefits and services to our members regardless of size.

TCA members join with hundreds of other leaders in the truckload carrier industry working to ensure safe, high quality, reliable and efficient truckload transportation services.

TCA provides the following services and benefits to its members:


Members can meet with top industry executives, share ideas, gain insights and develop new strategies for the future through the following divisions, committees, and programs geared toward specific truckload carrier operations and issues:

Member Education, Information and Communications

TCA members have access to a broad range of education and information programs, services and timely communications offered through TCA's:

Promoting the Image of the Trucking Industry