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inGauge™ to Add Six New Features

All the feedback so far has been positive on the new online composite within inGauge™. Based on feedback, here are some of the additional features we are working on: 

  • Color coding for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each metric for better visual comparison.
  • Exception Reporting / Error Catching - based on your feedback we are adding distinct 'normal ranges' for each calculated metric. This will determine which companies results are included and which ones are excluded (until corrected) in the composite.
  • Categories - For each view within the composite (Current Month, YTD, YoY and Rolling 12, you will be able to select categories for displayed results - these categories will be: Operational, Financial, Fuel Management, Maintenance, Safety/HR, and Environmental.
  • 12 Month Results - for your own results, there will be a new tab call 'Internal Results' on the composite, this will display your own metrics for each month in the last twelve months as separate columns, and will display your specific goals for each of those months.
  • Line Graph - beside each metric, there will be a Line Graph icon similar to the External/Internal Dashboard. By clicking on this icon, it will open a line graph providing a visual representation of your performance for the metric via your goals over the last twelve months.
  • Multi-Company Results Tab - for those of you with separate operating entities, you will be able to add in these separate profiles into inGauge™ and compare performance in a similar fashion to the current table format.