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    Whitepaper DownloadAlthough the entrepreneurial nature of building a trucking company provides plenty of opportunity to learn the hands-on side of the business, it offers far fewer opportunities to learn the analytical and statistical skills needed to gain a serious competitive advantage. Unfortunately, many trucking executives do not have ready access to the analytical tools and statistical resources needed to drive significant change. Access to these resources has typically been cost-prohibitive, and very few providers can offer the industry-specific data to help trucking companies apply knowledge in a timely and effective manner.

    TCA's inGauge™ Benchmarking Service was conceived by successful trucking industry veterans who saw the need to aggregate real-time operational data from the mainstream of trucking, rather than relying on outdated operational benchmark data.

    By harnessing this data and anonymously ranking fleet performance based on Essential Performance Indicators (EPIs), inGauge™ will help motivate participants to focus their efforts on the areas of business which will drive profitability, efficiency, and risk mitigation. Using the EPI data enables carriers to set internal goals and measure their performance on a regular basis. Further, by adding filters based on region, type of carrier, and other important subtypes, inGauge™ will provide validation that the participants' efforts are making an internal and external difference in the industry. To learn more, or to inGauge™ your fleet, click here.