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Professional Truck Driver Institute

The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) is North America's foremost advocate of truck-driver training standards, driver professionalism and safety.

Since 1986, the Professional Truck Driver Institute has been working with the carriers, truck driver training schools, insurance industry, and government to make safety a national #1 priority in the trucking industry.

PTDI is the first non-profit organization to develop uniform skill performance, curriculum, and certification standards for the trucking industry and to award course certification to entry-level truck driver training courses and motor carrier driver-finishing programs.

PTDI is now managed by Leading Associations. The company also manages the North America Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). Visit the organization's Website for more information.

“If you can improve the knowledge and ability and skills of the driver, then you're going to drastically improve the overall safety record of the trucking company, which means lower insurance costs and greater productivity and safer roads for the motoring public."
Terry Burnett, President of Burnett Insurance Corp., Little Rock, Arkansas

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