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Incentive Compensation for Recruiting and Sales

Thursday, March 12, 2020

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Before doing anything else, a trucking company must do two things: hire or sign on drivers and get customers to pay them to move their freight. In our last session, we looked at setting up the compensation plans for the operations teams so that your business runs smoothly and at peak efficiency, with all your key personnel working toward common goals. But…how do you be sure you have something for them to work on? You hire the best drivers and you get the right customers with the right freight for your network. Neither of these tasks is easy, and the roles of recruiting and sales are “highly prominent” roles (meaning they have a lot of impact on the outcome) and therefore they tend to have more pay at risk than any other roles in the organization. However, these can be very complex roles to develop incentive plans for as there is much that still remains outside of their control. If a driver quits after 30 days, is that the recruiters fault? Probably not, but you aren’t going to want to pay lucrative incentives for drivers who turnover quickly. If you tell a sales rep NOT to take on an account because their freight doesn’t fit your model, how does that impact that reps’ pay? You can’t pay for freight you don’t want or don’t have capacity to move, so your needs can often be at odds with your sales reps’ needs (and natural instincts) to SELL SELL SELL. The right compensation plans can bride these gaps and get their motivation aligned with your business needs. This session will explore different ways these roles can be compensated and how different models work (or don’t work) in different circumstances. Remember…having the right incentives MATTERS!

This online course will guide you through:

  • Creating a strategy for designing incentive-based compensation for the complex roles of recruiting and sales;
  • Constructing compensation packages that are nimble and responsive to market capacity conditions and the driver turnover rate; and
  • Forming compensation plans to bridge the gap between business objectives and the motivational needs of your recruiters and sales representatives.

The Truckload Live Distance Learning model offers a fresh perspective, one which includes facilitation from instructional design experts and a collaborative online classroom.

Participants will engage in insightful conversations with those who share similar operational challenges.

To provide attendees with the most valuable education experience tailored to their specific needs, participants will be tasked to take a look at their current performance and goals for 2020 prior to the course.


Beth Carroll

Beth Carroll is the Founder and Managing Principal of Prosperio Group and has worked with more than 100 transportation & logistics companies. For 21 years, Beth has been developing compensation strategies to help large and small companies from all industries maximize, focus and improve engagement and morale throughout their organization.   

Chris Henry

Chris Henry is the is the Program Manager for the TCA Profitability Program (TPP) and Vice President of Carrier Profitability at FreightWaves.  In his role, Chris is responsible for enhancing the data and features offered through the FreightWaves SONAR freight intelligence platform, promoting SONAR features specifically for North American truckload carriers. 

Upcoming Truckload Live Distance Learning Courses

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    — Maintenance, Safety, and HR/Accounting.
  • Broker Org Structures/Comp;
  • Using Excel for Compensation Modeling;
  • Best Practices for Communicating Compensation Plan Changes;
  • Annual Review and Plan Governance; and
  • How to Keep Your Plans on Track.