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How to Build Driver Retention into Your Culture

Thursday, February 7, 2019

1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

Topics: Recruitment & Retention, Human Resources, Operations

Level:  All

Continuing Education Credits: This Live Learning webinar provides 1 CE credit toward the Truckload Academy Human Resources (HR-OP) or Retention Certificate (RET-IDR) and renewal of the Truckload Academy Fleet Manager Certification (CFM).

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How do we deal with the delusion that driver turnover is inevitable when nothing could be further from the truth? Driver turnover is a manageable business challenge just like any other and the only thing standing in the way of achieving low driver turnover are the misconceptions that keep us embroiled in a long misinformation feedback loop. These quotes from Ray Haight, TCA Retention Coach and Co-founder of inGauge are the back drop for this Truckload Academy Live Learning webinar.

During this webinar we will explore ways to tackle the problem of high turnover with the focus that is needed to achieve the desired outcome. You will hear from carriers and how they create a culture of retention and obtain the commitment that is needed from all levels of the organization to lower driver turnover. You will get a snap shot of the current driver market and how to look at your operations to find the areas that are affecting your driver retention numbers.

Other topics to include:

  • How to engage every employee to understand the importance of lowering driver turnover
  • How to create individual accountability and how it impacts your operations
  • Tips and steps to get started in creating a culture of retention or to improve your current culture 

This interactive program will provide opportunities for you to ask questions.

Owners; CEOs; COOs; presidents, Operations, Safety, Administration Maintenance and Sales fleet and human resources personnel


Ray Haight, TCA Retention Coach and Co-founder, inGauge


  • Mike Bash, Vice President, Britton Transport
  • Geoff Toping, Vice President of Human Resources, Challenger Motor Freight


The Workforce Solutions Webinar Series sponsors are a part of a consortium of industry vendors that serve the truckload industry by providing services to carriers that supports their efforts in recruitment, retention or human resources.  Their support of the Workforce Solutions Webinar Series means that the webinar and the recording will be available to all TCA members without charge.


Contact Tom Robb with any questions about the webinar.