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Improving Your Most Effective Tool for Increased Safety

Thursday, September 27, 2018

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1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

Topics:  Recruitment & Retention, Human Resources, and Operations

Level:  All

This Live Learning webinar provides CE credit toward the Truckload Academy Human Resources (HR-RR), Recruitment (REC-DR) or Retention Certificate (RET-IDR), and renewal of the Truckload Academy Certified Fleet Manager (CFM) designation, and NATMI Certified Safety Director (CDS) and Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) designations.

Safety is a top priority for the trucking industry. In addition, the cost of an average crash is high, reaching over $5 million for a fatal crash. The most frequent property-damage-only crashes, usually the result of mistakes made while backing, create a steady stream of preventable losses. One day, the challenge of crash reduction will be solved through the wide-spread use of technology and autonomous vehicles. However, until that day arrives, driver behavior will remain the ultimate determining factor that creates or mitigates crash risk. A well-trained driver is necessary if a fleet owner wants to systematically and effectively prevent crashes.

During this Live Learning webinar, you will receive an overview of the hardware, software, and training programs of a truck simulator currently used by many professional truck driver trainers in the North America. You will view videos and hear brief explanations of the basic skills training programs that have been validated by third-party university researchers and found to cut learning time in half. In addition, you will see a preview of a soon-to-be-released defensive driving training program that helps drivers visualize and manage their risk zones while driving.

Find out what the aviation industry, the military, and medical schools have learned in achieving maximum safety through training with simulators. Learn why investing in the type of comprehensive training most easily delivered with truck simulators will pay dividends in improved driver recruitment, incident remediation, and retention.

Benchmark highlights and topics to be covered include:

  • Average costs of different crash types
  • Detailed description and video of truck simulator hardware, software, and training programs
  • Description and video of truck simulator training scenarios covering basic skills, fuel efficiency, and defensive driving
  • Suggestions on how best to integrate simulator-based training within a fleet safety program
  • The importance of empowering the driver to focus on safety behind the wheel

This interactive program will provide opportunities for you to ask questions.

Owners; CEOs; vice presidents; risk managers; safety, operations, and driver managers; human resources personnel; recruiting and retention staff

  • Pierro Hirsch PhD, Director of Research and Driver Training Program Development, Virage Simulation


Virage Simulation

Virage Simulation designs and manufactures world-class driving simulator solutions for fleets, training centers, municipalities and vocational vehicle operators. We are known in the industry for our technology, our innovative solutions, the quality of our products, our support, and most importantly for our research-basd training scenarios and programs that address the specific training needs of our clients.