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Trucking Mergers & Aquisitions in Uncertain Times

Thursday, March 26, 2020

1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

Continuing Education Credits: This Live Learning webinar provides 1 CE credit toward the Truckload Academy Human Resources Certificate (HR-L)

Join us for our upcoming Live Learning webinar to learn how carriers are preserving strategic options during uncertain times.

The typical business owner in the trucking industry has weathered many storms and many crises. The grit in this industry is not questioned. However, that same “stick-to-it-ness” can also undo decades of business value growth and the ability to protect the interests of his family, employees and community. In uncertain times, business owners must evolve and expand their playbook to protect all they have worked to build. Mergers and acquisitions can play a significant role in preserving a business owner’s wealth and future strategic options.

In this webinar, the Tenny Group President and CEO Spencer Tenney, and Vice President Eric Heath, will share what is happening in the current M&A environment and what M&A best practices owners can deploy to build and protect business value while avoiding unnecessary risks.

Key Items to Be Addressed:

  • How is Coronavirus affecting deal-making in trucking right now?
  • What other factors are impacting the strategic options for smaller trucking companies?
  • What concrete action steps can owners take right now to preserve strategic options during this market disruption?
  • What would be the benefits for buying, selling, or merging during uncertain times?
  • How are business values and deal structures being affected as the stock market gyrates and other industry disruptions continue to mount?
  • Where is opportunity in this uncertainty? Who will be the winners on the other side of it?
  • What are the best practices for positioning your business for sale?
  • How and why are trucking companies using acquisitions to combat factors driving business value down in trucking?

Spencer Tenney is President & CEO of the Tenney Group, an advisory firm that has been exclusively focused on business sales and acquisitions in the transportation industry since 1973. Tenney Group has closed hundreds of business sales across the United States and is on the American Trucking Association Mergers & Acquisition Task Force. Articles by Spencer Tenney have been published in Transport Topics, Fleet Owner, and dozens of other transportation publications. Spencer is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and the only Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) in North America that is dedicated exclusively to the transportation industry. Spencer and his wife, Lauren, reside outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee. He enjoys songwriting and serves on the board of Franktown Open Hearts, a faith-based organization dedicated to helping inner city kids become free of generational poverty.


Eric Heath is Vice President of the Tenney Group, an industry specialized merger and acquisition advisory firm that has been dedicated to the transportation and logistics industry since 1973. Typically working with companies that have $10M – $300M in annual revenue, the firm strives to help business owners through business sales, acquisitions and wealth protection. With 10 deals closed in 2019, the Tenney Group understands the intricacies of the sale process and strives to produce the best outcome for the sellers. Eric and his wife, Mary Charles, reside outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee. He enjoys traveling and serving alongside his wife as volunteer Young Life leaders where he has served for the past 10 years.


The Tenney Group

About the Tenney Group:

We are a family owned business focused exclusively on the transportation industry. Over the last 45+ years we have become trusted advisors to business owners, helping them buy, sell or value their transportation companies. Our proprietary tools and processes combined with our vast network of industry experts in accounting, legal, banking, insurance and risk management give our clients a strategic advantage they can’t get anywhere else.

Our clients are often family owned, have revenues between $10M – $200M and are in the trucking (asset heavy & asset light) or passenger transportation industries. The Tenney Group’s unique expertise helps transportation business owners build and protect business value, grow through acquisitions and optimize the sale of their businesses. We are especially passionate about helping family owned transportation companies protect the wealth they have worked so hard to create.

Our four primary services include: Sell Side M&A, Buy Side M&A, Business Valuations, and Strategic Advisory Services. As you know, the transportation industry is not like other industries. Get the Tenney Group Advantage Today!


Contact Jim Schoonover with any questions about the webinar.