Truckload Carriers Association Pleased that Professional Truck Driver Support of Veterans Wreath Program Is Being Recognized


Santa’s 18-wheel helpers essential to delivering holiday honor

Alexandria, Virginia:

This Sunday, MSNBC’s “Taking the Hill” will tell the story of Morrill Worcester and his vision for the Wreaths Across America charity that places Christmas remembrance wreaths on veterans’ graves. In a nod to the Truckload Carriers Association’s “Truckload of Respect” program that delivers the wreaths, the news segment will also show how the generosity of the trucking industry has been essential to the charity’s success. The segment will air on Sunday, December 14th at 1:30 PM EST (12:30 Central / 10:30 Pacific) on MSNBC.

Growing out of a program started in 1992 at Arlington National Cemetery, the annual wreath-laying event was formalized in 2007 when the Worcester family, along with veterans’ organizations, other groups, and individuals who participated in the previous events in Arlington, formed Wreaths Across America (WAA) to continue and expand this effort, and to support other groups around the country who wanted to do the same.

In 2011, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) started its “Truckload of Respect” program as part of a commitment to WAA to ensure that every load of donated wreaths would be delivered to veterans’ cemeteries across the country. Making these deliveries at no cost to WAA, the carriers represented by TCA are uniquely positioned to meet this commitment due to their ability to quickly and efficiently deliver freight to any point in the continental U.S. on short notice.

“WAA brings recognition of America’s fallen veterans together with the holiday spirit of giving,” said Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, president of Garner Transportation Group and co-chair of TCA’s Communications & Image Policy Committee. “While the trucking industry quietly supports many local, regional, and national charitable events, the news coverage of WAA offers an opportunity to be recognized for supporting a program that uniquely benefits from our industry’s unmatched logistics capabilities.”

Many of the trucking industry’s drivers and personnel come from a military background, so it’s no surprise that WAA’s effort to honor veterans has been a popular cause, receiving enthusiastic support from trucking companies across the country.

“Having been involved with WAA since the partnership with TCA began in 2011, our company and drivers have been consistent supporters of this program to honor America’s veterans,” said Robert Low, president/founder of Prime, Inc., and a former chairman of TCA. “We appreciate this news segment building awareness for WAA and showing the overwhelming patriotism of our nations’ truck drivers and industry. This patriotic trucking partnership has been essential to the success of WAA.”

As a strong supporter of WAA, Low’s company was an early participant in the 2014 wreath convoy with a commitment of five trucks. To help reach TCA’s 2014 goal of close to 250 trucks, Low committed to provide an additional ten trucks just this past week as this year’s finish line fast approached.

All too often, when the trucking makes the national news, it’s due to an accident where the coverage reflects negatively on the industry. In addition to the many charitable programs quietly supported by the industry, there are truck drivers performing acts of kindness and heroism every day out on the road, rarely, if ever, making the national news. The Wreaths Across America news segment on “Taking the Hill” will be welcome recognition for the industry.

“We’re thankful for the positive recognition this coverage will provide, offering a timely example of how trucking moves America forward,” said TCA President Brad Bentley. “It’s great to finally have a news segment airing on national television that highlights one of the many positive programs supported by the trucking industry.”

***UPDATE – Monday, December 15:

The segment aired on Sunday, December 14. Watch “What it takes to make 700,000 wreaths” here.