Alexis Homsted



Pottle's Transportation, LLC
Hermon, Maine

The trucking industry has not only influenced my family life, it has given it all it has today. My mother has been a single mother since I was four years old. She did all she could to raise my younger brother and I the best she could on the one income she has, starting at LMS, going to the Old Town mill, and now working at Pottles Transportation, becoming the Director of Sales and Operations. She loves her job, always coming home telling me the things her co-workers and boss did making her day wonderful, she loves the challenge it brings, and the new people she meets. This job has also provided the funding for myself to enroll into Bridge Year, meaning when I graduate high school, my first year of college will be complete. It has also provided the funding for myself to play on elite soccer teams and travel all over New England year round for tournaments, and to meet new people all over. I’ve been able to go on trips such as Quebec, and the Dominican Republic, experiencing their culture and seeing that what I have is something special. I’ve grown up in a little double wide trailer on an acre of land in Hermon Maine, my mother got this house here all herself working in the industry she does, and although I’ve lived a simple, yet adventurous life, its time I go to college, I’ve decided on going to the University of Maine Orono for Pre-Dental, an eight year program that is anything but cheap. Although my mother has provided everything else in my life, college is something we need some help on affording, even a little will go a long way in allowing me to become the Dentist I want to become.