Andrea Vidaurre



Nashville, Tennessee

If it weren’t for the love of the transportation industry and what it embodies, my mother would not have been able to make a career out of it and therefore, provide us with the life she has over the last 24 years. She started out in 1994 with Maersk Line and then moved to Indiana to begin a career with Celadon Trucking that would span the next 20 years. While her position and responsibilities have changed over the years, as well as the company ownership, two things have remained the same – her passion for the trucking industry and her work ethic. I have heard her tell other people that “once you’re in the trucking industry, you’re a lifer”. Whether she’s sharing stories about work, pointing out why a trailer has a “skirt” on it, or teaching me not to drive too close to a semi or cut one off – “they can’t stop on a dime!”, the trucking industry has been a part of our family. It is that passion for the industry and her career, coupled with her integrity and work ethic, that has allowed her to grow in her career and provide for our family. I have always respected my mother’s work ethic and learned early on to follow in her footsteps, whether it be my school work, basketball, or my own job. After college, I look forward to beginning my career in accounting or finance with the same passion and drive as my mother has for an industry that has played such an important part in our lives.