Bailey Snow



Crete Carrier Corporation
Lincoln, Nebraska

The first sixteen years of my life my father worked hard all the time. He was a manager at a grocery store and was passionate about his job. He worked atleast 60 hour weeks. On top of this he then would come home and work on our family business. Between these two jobs, he easily worked fourteen to fifteen hour days. Somehow he still made time to walk me to school during his lunch breaks, attend every soccer game, and read a book to me every night before bed. I cherished all of this. But there were times he could not be around either. Grocery stores meant long hours at work. It was a 6am to 6pm job, atleast five times a week. During Christmas time I would barely see him. Until he worked at Crete Carrier my father had never been home for a Christmas Eve. Once he began working at Crete Carrier he did not have to work as many hours. Which meant he was always home for dinner, he never missed a Christmas Eve, and he even got to be home on some Saturdays and every Sunday! In addition to this, these extra hours my father had free gave me the ability to get to know my father better. My dad was a superman for so long that it was nice to see him finally find a job that made him happy. My dad is thoroughly enjoys going to work, which is both promising and inspiring for me. His work ethic and joy for work give me hope that I will one day find a career that I can also enjoy. So many people do not enjoy their job. But that is not the case for my father and that will not be the case for me.