Blake Woods



Wilson Logistics
Springfield, Missouri

My career in the trucking industry has influenced my life in a couple of ways. One way it has influenced my life is because I now know more about trucking than I ever thought I would. I am going to school for accounting and am an intern at Wilson Logistics. They required me to go through a week’s worth of training that all drivers go through. I learned a lot about the industry in its entirety and even was quizzed over my knowledge. The trucking industry has also influenced my life because my company takes great pride in being a family. I know all my coworkers by name and know about their family lives. They also always like to ask me how I am doing in school and are interested in my extracurricular activities. I can tell that they all genuinely want me to succeed and that is a great feeling to have about a company that you work for. We have potluck days where everyone contributes whatever is on the menu for that day. A lot of times, drivers come through and participate in these events as well. I can talk to them and get to know them more on a personal level instead of just knowing their name because I process their paperwork. Coming from no background in trucking whatsoever, to now being immersed in it, is an experience I never thought that I would have, but I am glad to have it.