Cameron Deiderich



Hogan Transport
St. Louis, Missouri

The trucking industry has been a part of my life forever, as my dad has always worked as a driver manager. His current position with Hogan Transport allowed my family to remain in our town, and for me to continue attending school with my friends, after his previous company went out of business. I have grown up watching my dad work holidays, weekends and miss family events. Sure, he could have found a Monday-Friday job, but he has always been dedicated to the trucking industry. Although we wanted him to attend everything, our family was supportive and realized that the work schedule of the trucking industry is based on the needs of the customer. As he missed events, it was always great to relive the day with him through video and pictures. His support was evident as he wanted all of the details. This sacrifice of missing out on our events showed me that we all must make sacrifices to do a job that we both enjoy and that provides for our family. During my first year of college, I often had to rely on this knowledge as I went to class, studied and completed projects when I would rather have been playing a game of soccer or hanging out with friends. His example of hard work and dedication helps me to focus on my studies so that I can pursue my dreams and someday be able to provide for my own family. As I begin to choose my career path in college I am remembering that I must choose a career that I enjoy. I am grateful that the trucking industry has provided for our family, taught me important lessons to consider when choosing a career and allowed me to attend college to pursue my dreams.