Cameron Dober



Great Dane Trailers
Savannah, Georgia

Recently, I completed my first year at the Georgia Institute of Technology. At one of the toughest colleges in the state, I took upper-level classes and successfully navigated Atlanta life. In this city, I depend upon the on-campus Amazon store for most of my necessities: notebooks, textbooks, snacks, etc. Trailers deliver these goods almost instantaneously, even with a traffic jam three miles long. It was incredible to see and unique to be a part of.
Last year, I was a contractor for Great Dane at their sales conference where they had three of their new trailer designs. I saw how hard the engineers at the company worked to ensure the goods are delivered safely and efficiently. Examining the trailers and asking questions allowed me to understand the trailers I see on the road everyday, the trailers I would later depend upon at Tech. And now, I have a summer internship with Great Dane’s marketing department. For my upcoming internship, I decided to take a marketing class last semester. I would like to leave as an intern the same way I left as a contractor: exhausted, happy and inspired.
As I mentioned in my previous TCA essay, my mother works at Great Dane. As their Director of Organizational Training, she provides technical and leadership training of all company employees while providing for two kids in college and another on the way. Recently, my mom celebrated a work anniversary with the company where years of effort have gone into creating change in her industry by raising the standards, which reflects upon me to continue challenging myself.
I am incredibly thankful to the transportation industry, not only for the impact it has had on my life, through my mom, myself and my school, but also for how much I can rely on it.