Chase Beals



UPS Freight
Lawrenceville, Georgia

The trucking industry influenced my family’s life tremendously when my Father began his career, and continues to do so over a decade later. As children, my sisters and I watched our Father switch careers from owning his own contracting business to trucking as a result of the housing market crash. We observed him swallow his pride and start from the very bottom in a field, with which he had no prior experience, in order to continue to support his family. Over time, we witnessed him work for various corporations and progress within them.
My Father labored for years driving company big rigs until, eventually, he proved to us that hard work really does pay off and brought home his very own tractor trailer. My Father’s display of his strong work ethic has positively influenced all three of his children, teaching us to recognize the value of work and to be thankful for every employment opportunity given to us. With his long days and sleepless nights on the road, my Father’s devotion to the trucking industry has taught myself, in particular, to perform every job to the best of my ability, whether that was a seasonal job in high school or my future career. Even now, at 50 years old, he displays no signs of slowing down and continues to put forth his complete effort into his career and set an example for his family and co-workers. While it is obvious that the trucking industry my Father entered into so many years ago has helped my family financially, the values and integrity he has displayed in the industry will carry with my siblings and I for the rest of our lives.