Claire Andry



Fremont Contract Carriers
Fremont, Nebraska

I have no one else to thank for teaching me what hard work truly looks like other than my parents. They both have been involved with Fremont Contract Carriers since before I was born and have worked their way up for almost 20 years to Vice President of Operation and Fuel Manager. Watching them answer late night phone calls and emails has proven that dedication to your company and job does not go unnoticed. My parents worked weekends and still managed to never miss a school, club, or sporting event of mine. They worked hard to provide for our family and show my sister and I what we will do for our children some day. My parents time at Fremont Contract Carriers has helped them raise my sister and I to be hardworking leaders who always finish the tasks we start. Without these lessons I would have never been able to become a restaurant manager at the age of 17. I worked as many days as I could on top of school and sports. I have been managing for about a year now and continue to push myself by asking “What more can I be doing?”. I decided to follow in my parents footsteps and join a career academy focused on business and logistics management offered by my school. I learned more about my parents careers and I was astonished at how much went into their work. My senior year of high school I interned at Fremont Contract Carriers and worked on different projects such as: route analyzing, fuel tracking, and log checking. I enjoyed working for the company and the tasks I was given. Looking back on my high school career I can say I’m proud of my work accomplishments and have my parents wisdom and intelligence to thank for it.