Derek Linville



Wabash National Corporation
Indianapolis, Indiana

Being the son of a man who has devoted his entire career to the trucking industry has had significant influence on both me and my family. I have always looked up to my dad as a man that I would truly love to emulate. Experiencing his career journey first hand has allowed me appreciate what it takes to be a part of a thriving company.

My father is employed at Wabash National as the Senior Manager for Supplier Development & Quality. With this job comes a large responsibility in the communications between Wabash National and their vast supply chain. Given this, I have developed a great understanding of what impacts the trucking industry has on each of us. At a minimum, a person cannot be supplied with their basic wants and needs without the trucking industry. The influences of this industry runs much deeper than that, however, touching virtually every aspect of our lives.

Growing up in my father’s household has influenced me and my family in many ways. The exposure gained of the trucking industry through him has impacted my character and taught me many skills including time management, problem solving, good communication, and the ability to accept and learn from others’ criticism. He has taught me to work hard early so I can reap the benefits later in life. This work ethic has propelled me to graduate with honors from Brownsburg High School and afford me the opportunity to advance my education further at Indiana University in the fall of 2018. As I take these acquired skills to college, they will provide an excellent baseline to help me achieve my future goals.