Emily Hansen



Prime Inc.
Springfield, Missouri

Growing up with my father and stepmother in the trucking industry has impacted me in so many ways, including teaching me to be hardworking, humble, and grateful– attributes which have greatly molded who I am today and aided my accomplishments thus far.
Of those attributes I am most thankful for being taught to be grateful for the dynamics of our family, a dynamic which means my father and stepmother who are both truck drivers, are not always able to be around due to the nature of their work. I learned to be grateful for the moments we are able to spend together, whether that is for monumental life events like graduation or smaller things like cheerleading competitions. Mostly I learned to be grateful for the family time most people take for granted– eating dinner, going shopping, or spending holiday’s together. As I have gotten older and busier with my own life and responsibilities, I have really come to understand how important it is to savor these moments.
As a child, I had a different dynamic that I am also thankful for. As a child, I would spend summers with my parents driving across the United States in their semi. I was able to see my beautiful country and have unique experiences at a young age that created lasting memories with my family. This was an experience that I owe to the trucking industry. Every second I get to spend with my family is especially savored due to my parent’s career in the trucking industry.