Emma Thomerson



Best Cartage, Inc.
Kernersville, North Carolina

My mother has worked in the trucking industry for the last five years. I have learned through her work the importance of trucking not only to our individual financial situation, but the financial situation of the entire United States.
Trucking playing a vital role in the economy of the United States. Everything is transported by trucks…small or large. Industries in the United States relies on trucking to take the goods they offer and deliver them to their customers. Most products that we use each and every day are brought to us via the trucking industry. Without trucking bringing us the products that we need the economy would literally stop and cease to exist as we know it.
The trucking industry and what it does impacts every other industry as well. Trucking is the main way industries obtain the materials they need. The trucking industry works hard to ensure that industries have their products in the most timely and productive mean necessary.
Not only does the trucking industry bring us the items that we need each and every day to have a comfortable life, it also employees over a million truck drivers and support staff across the United States. In addition to the number of people that the trucking industry employ across the United States it collects billions of dollars in revenue. Those dollars are then put back in the economy via wages given to their workers.