Hannah Linville



Wabash National Corporation
Lafayette, Indiana

My entire life, I watched my father function as an essential piece to the trucking industry. He has been involved in the industry his entire professional career, first with Allison Transmission and now with Wabash National Corporation. However, last summer I experienced the impact of the trucking industry on an even more personal level.

Last summer, I interned for a third-party logistics company called Spot based out of Indianapolis. I entered my internship believing I had a decent grasp of the trucking industry’s impact, but soon learned the influence was far greater than I imagined. As an intern, I called trucking companies daily, created relationships with dispatchers, felt the stress of failing to cover a hot load, and felt the fulfillment of finding a reliable driver to take a key load. Aside from the sheer volume and speed that comes with moving freight, I was amazed by the thousands of companies Spot worked with (including common household names like Pepsi and Adidas), the goods I was transporting, and the lives I knew I was impacting.

My internship last summer took my appreciation for the trucking industry to another level. Since I was little, I’ve seen the omnipresence of Wabash National logos on semi-truck trailers on the highway. But now, after my experiences with Spot, I am reminded of the connections I had with trucking companies and the relationships I created with certain dispatchers. I know the struggles truck drivers go through, the necessity of timeliness when moving loads, the requirements of licenses and reliable equipment, and the importance of constant communication. Through my father, the trucking industry has given my family a house and income, but my own experiences expanded upon my appreciation for this industry in ways I never imagined.