Hunter Hodges



Hodges Trucking Company
Columbus, Georgia

My family life has definitely been shaped by the trucking industry. My father was a truck driver when he married my mother. He worked for several companies driving his own truck. Like many truck drivers, he was a hard worker. He was on the road all the time. Truckers rarely get to spend a lot of time at home. Knowing this, my parents decided they had to make some changes once they started a family. So instead of driving his truck all the time, my father bought more trucks. He started his own trucking company, beginning his career as a business operator, putting his driving days behind him. Shortly after, my older brother was born. Running a trucking company entails a lot of work. There are days where he is in the office until late hours of the night, traveling- networking and consulting, or making long distance and short notice trips in the event of unexpected occurrences with trucks, loads, drivers, etc. All that can keep a man away from his family at times, but not as much as being a long-term truck driver. For that, I am very thankful for the opportunities my father acted upon in the trucking industry. Around turning 18, I began working for my father’s company in the safety department. I have learned so much about the industry and business operations in the past year and a half. Experience from my job and mentoring from my father will definitely benefit me in my future career as well as my personal values and family life.