Simone Scally



Metropolitan Trucking
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

The trucking industry is not just another transportation job, but one of the many successes that keeps America’s economy running. The trucking industry employs many people, supporting hundreds of families all across the country. When I was 12 years old my Dad made his career change and he would not be home for weeks in order to support our family. He would always bring me a souvenir from the states he would stop in to fill up on gas or rest for the night. I remember the excitement of knowing he was coming home for the weekend to spend time with me. I would always receive a new state magnet to add to my collection on a small white sheet of metal hung up on my wall. My dad bought me the sheet of metal to hold my magnets that he would buy for me on his journeys across the country. A few years later he had the opportunity to change from a truck driver to a safety supervisor, where he has the opportunity to teach and test new drivers for the company. His job role transition has allowed him to spend more time with me and raise me as a single parent. His experiences have enlightened me to see how hard working the trucking industry is and let me look around my home and life to see all the things I have benefited from the trucking industry. Almost Everything Americans own is brought by some form of trucking transportation, and for that I thank my Dad, his coworkers, and all the people who support the trucking industry. Thank you.