Sydney Garrett



NFI Industries
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

My father has worked in Management positions for multiple trucking and logistics operations throughout my life time. He has always told me that the trucking industry is the “life blood of our American economy”. Trucks move goods 24/7/365 on our roadways both large and small, in the same way blood moves through every part of our human bodies. Without blood flow our bodies shut down and the same holds true for our economic system, as trucks moving products sustain our economic prosperity for thousands of companies and their consumers. Trucking is as vital to our American way of life as is a strong health care system.
My father’s work has provided a sustained income for our family and will continue to support me as I pursue a college career in the Health Care field through Hospital Administration. I want to have a career in a field with as many options and opportunities for success, as my father has experienced in the trucking industry.